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DGNElemCore Struct Reference

#include <dgnlib.h>

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Public Attributes

int offset
int size
int element_id
int stype
int level
int type
int complex
int deleted
int graphic_group
int properties
int color
int weight
int style
int attr_bytes
unsigned char * attr_data
int raw_bytes
unsigned char * raw_data

Detailed Description

Core element structure.

Core information kept about each element that can be read from a DGN file. This structure is the first component of each specific element structure (like DGNElemMultiPoint). Normally the DGNElemCore.stype field would be used to decide what specific structure type to case the DGNElemCore pointer to.

Member Data Documentation

int DGNElemCore::attr_bytes

Bytes of attribute data, usually zero.

unsigned char* DGNElemCore::attr_data

Raw attribute data

int DGNElemCore::color

Color index (0-255)

int DGNElemCore::complex

Is element complex?

int DGNElemCore::deleted

Is element deleted?

int DGNElemCore::element_id

Element number (zero based)

int DGNElemCore::graphic_group

Graphic group number

int DGNElemCore::level

Element Level: 0-63

int DGNElemCore::properties

Properties: ORing of DGNPF_ flags

int DGNElemCore::raw_bytes

Bytes of raw data, usually zero.

unsigned char* DGNElemCore::raw_data

All raw element data including header.

int DGNElemCore::style

Line Style: One of DGNS_* values

int DGNElemCore::stype

Structure type: (DGNST_*)

int DGNElemCore::type

Element type (DGNT_)

int DGNElemCore::weight

Line Weight (0-31)

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