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DGNElemCellHeader Struct Reference

#include <dgnlib.h>

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Public Attributes

DGNElemCore core
int totlength
char name [7]
unsigned short cclass
unsigned short levels [4]
DGNPoint rnglow
DGNPoint rnghigh
double trans [9]
DGNPoint origin
double xscale
double yscale
double rotation

Detailed Description

Cell Header.

The core.stype code is DGNST_CELL_HEADER.

Returned for DGNT_CELL_HEADER(2).

Member Data Documentation

unsigned short DGNElemCellHeader::cclass

Class bitmap

unsigned short DGNElemCellHeader::levels[4]

Levels used in cell

char DGNElemCellHeader::name[7]

Cell name

DGNPoint DGNElemCellHeader::origin

Cell Origin

DGNPoint DGNElemCellHeader::rnghigh

X/Y/Z maximums for cell

DGNPoint DGNElemCellHeader::rnglow

X/Y/Z minimums for cell

int DGNElemCellHeader::totlength

Total length of cell

double DGNElemCellHeader::trans[9]

2D/3D Transformation Matrix

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