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DGNElemTCB Struct Reference

#include <dgnlib.h>

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Public Attributes

DGNElemCore core
int dimension
double origin_x
double origin_y
double origin_z
long uor_per_subunit
char sub_units [3]
long subunits_per_master
char master_units [3]
DGNViewInfo views [8]

Detailed Description

Terminal Control Block (header).

The core.stype code is DGNST_TCB.

Returned for DGNT_TCB(9).

The first TCB in the file is used to determine the dimension (2D vs. 3D), and transformation from UOR (units of resolution) to subunits, and subunits to master units. This is handled transparently within DGNReadElement(), so it is not normally necessary to handle this element type at the application level, though it can be useful to get the sub_units, and master_units names.

Member Data Documentation

int DGNElemTCB::dimension

Dimension (2 or 3)

char DGNElemTCB::master_units[3]

User name for master units (2 chars)

double DGNElemTCB::origin_x

X origin of UOR space in master units(?)

double DGNElemTCB::origin_y

Y origin of UOR space in master units(?)

double DGNElemTCB::origin_z

Z origin of UOR space in master units(?)

char DGNElemTCB::sub_units[3]

User name for subunits (2 chars)

long DGNElemTCB::subunits_per_master

Subunits per master unit.

long DGNElemTCB::uor_per_subunit

UOR per subunit.

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